Timeless Tales: For Generations of Play

Help Write a New Story at Fairytale Town

Sixty years ago, our community came together to bring Fairytale Town to life! And they did it with donations both large and small. As one billboard put it, “Your dimes and dollars are needed.”

Since opening day, more than 10 million children and adults have streamed into Fairytale Town, where they have made countless memories, made connections with children’s literature, and learned through play.

Once again, we are asking for the support of our community to begin a new chapter: Creating an expanded Fairytale Town with new amenities and features! While we’ve served four generations well, Fairytale Town needs enhancements to meet the needs of our community.

We have raised $2.4 million from 255 donors towards our goal of $4.5 million to complete phase one of our expansion plan. We are asking you and our community to help raise the remaining $2.1 million to break ground in 2021.

Donate Now

Gifts of $5,000 or more will be acknowledged in perpetuity on a plaque on the new Story Center, and naming opportunities are available for gifts of $15,000 and more.

Expansion Plan Photos

Key Features of the Expansion:

  • Story Center – Children will be able to write, act out, and produce their own story in this inspiring, indoor space! The Story Center will include more hands-on interaction and all-weather programming.
  • New Admissions Building for Faster Entry – We will be adding more ticket windows, including a dedicated entrance just for members. This will improve accessibility and allow guests to get in the park faster.
  • Outdoor Classroom – An outdoor classroom will provide a more focused venue for Fairytale Town to welcome school field trips and offer workshops.
  • Improved and increased numbers of visitor and public restrooms – The number of visitors long ago outgrew the Fairytale Town restroom amenities currently available. The restrooms will be expanded and updated to accommodate the greater numbers of visitors we receive.
  • Gift Shop and enhanced concessions – The addition of a gift shop and an expanded concession stand offering a wider variety of food and drink will be a revenue generator for Fairytale Town.
  • New Playsets – New playsets will add stories from different cultures to the park! And the playsets will be designed to serve children between the ages of 8 and 12 as well as our core audience of ages 1 to 7.

Project Timeline & Phases

Phase 1:

  • Build Story Center
  • Build Admissions Building
  • Build outdoor classroom
  • Facility furniture and equipment
  • Improve interior and exterior walkways
  • Lighting improvements

Phase 2:

  • Build additional playsets
  • Additional walkway work
  • Garden installation
  • Facility furniture and equipment
  • Café improvements

Phase 3:

  • Build new playsets
  • Additional walkways
  • Final lighting improvements
  • Demolish and rebuild restroom shared with Land Park

More Information

For more information, please contact Kevin Smith-Fagan, Executive Director, at (916) 808-7060.