Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

At Fairytale Town our gardens are tended by hands large and small. Visitors are encouraged to participate in our three learning gardens whether on their own, or as a part of a FunCamp. In addition to our thematic gardens, you will also see beautiful landscaping throughout the 3.5 acre park, including 26 varieties of old Garden Roses, as well as 18 varieties of Bamboo.

Mr. McGregor’s Garden

Peter was captivated by it, and so are birthday party guests and thousands of school children who discover the magic of gardening here each year in this interactive learning garden.

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The Alphabet Garden

This garden gives plants and flowers the power to teach literacy to Fairytale Town’s guests: each letter of the alphabet is flanked by plants that start with that letter in a changing seasonal display.

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Urashima Taro (Japanese Garden)

A traditional Japanese-style garden based on the ancient fairytale The Fisherman and the Tortoise, featuring authentic stone structures from our sister city, Matsuyama, Japan.

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