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Sacramento Children’s Theater is the longest-running community theater program in our region, spanning more than 75 years.  The program has entertained and taught countless children with lively and educational musical theater productions. For many children, this is the first and sometimes only live theater that they will experience.

Since the 1940s, the Junior League of Sacramento has been dedicated to providing this free program to over 18,000 local elementary school children, a tradition that Fairytale Town is happy to continue and make possible for the community. Fairytale Town works with community members who serve as playwrights, actors, backstage helpers, costume sewers, prop/scenery painters, and logistics coordinators in the quest to produce a quality production.

Performances are free to local school groups for students in Pre-Kindergarten through third grade. Advance reservations are required.

81st Anniversary Season: Spring 2020

The Tale Spinner is an eye-opening musical about how two children find fun and adventure when they least expect to. One rainy evening, the two children are totally absorbed in a video game and barely take notice as their dotty old aunt heads out to the greenhouse for the evening. As the game escalates, they begin to fight over the video controls. A loud thunderclap echoes, the lights flicker, then go out, and the room is plunged into darkness. With no electronic games to entertain them, the two children are at a complete loss for something to do. Totally bored, they find a flashlight and begin to explore. They discover a big, beautiful leather-bound book—a book they’ve never seen before—called The Tale Spinner. As the children open to the first page, a brilliant splinter of lightening streaks across the room, a thunderous clap sounds and a sudden gust of wind from an open window blows a great cloud of glitter across the room. Through the billowing shower of glitter, a woman appears…The Tale Spinner, herself. With three tales of inter-planetary comedy, pirate derring-do and long-lost love, the Tale Spinner not only fascinates and entertains the children, but opens their eyes to a world beyond electronics, a magical world found only in books.

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Performance Dates: Tuesday – Friday, February 4 – 28, 2020
Performance Time: 10 AM
Location: Luther Burbank High School, 3500 Florin Road, Sacramento
Cost: Free. Reservations are required.

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Special thanks to the supporters of the 2018 Sacramento Children’s Theater production: Jerome H. & Wanda S. Hart Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, Point West Rotary Club Foundation, and Sacramento County TOT Grant Program.

Fairytale Town Troupers2011-Midsummer1-2

The Fairytale Town Troupers is a Theatre Arts program that teaches the essentials of live stage production in a practical rehearsal and performance format. The Troupers program is open to young actors aged 5 to 18. Internship opportunities are also available for ages 18 to 21. In this unique program, novices work side-by-side with seasoned veterans to gain invaluable hands-on experience in the art of producing live theatre.

The Fairytale Town Troupers program is led by Fairytale Town’s Education & Theatre Arts Specialist John Lee, an award-winning local playwright, director and actor.

For More Information About the Fairytale Town Troupers, Please Contact: