Adult Education

Sacramento Play Summit

Sacramento Play Summit

Held annually in September, the Sacramento Play Summit is a one-day conference that aims to highlight the importance of play in child development, the many types of play, ways to incorporate play into daily and school life, and more.

This conference is ideal for adults who work with children: preschool and elementary educators, early childhood education specialists, childcare providers, after-school program administrators and practitioners, parks and recreation professionals, physical education professionals, parents and grandparents.

CryptoClub Leader Training

Teachers and adults are invited to a one-day workshop to learn how to teach cryptography, incorporate school mathematics, and establish a CryptoClub program in your school or after-school program. In a CryptoClub, kids in 5th – 8th grades use mathematics to make and break secret codes. Because of the mathematical nature of the subject and the natural interest surrounding secret messages, cryptography is an exciting hook for learning and applying mathematics!