Play On!

“If music be the food of love, play on!” – William Shakespeare

The Children’s Concert Series at Fairytale Town offered a great ‘menu’ of music for families — children’s entertainers, rock-and-roll bands, folk artists and classical music. The concerts were enjoyed by audience and musicians alike.

I also enjoyed seeing the artists set up for their shows. I watched as they lugged their instruments to the stage from their cars. Saw them set up the sound equipment and heard them do sound checks. Witnessed the rituals they went through as they prepared to perform for a live audience. (Common activities included singing scales, doing tongue twisters, eating, plucking strings, leafing through sheets of music, and pacing.)

Of course setting up the day of a show is just a sliver of a musician’s labors. It takes a great deal of time and energy – not to mention talent – to write lyrics and music. Instruments have to be cared for with regular cleaning and attention. Then there are hours and hours of practice and rehearsals…

All this work for the joy of playing music together.

Play on!