I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live abroad – an opportunity I enjoyed, appreciated immensely, and will remember the rest of my life. After four very full months, and one very long day – an hour drive to the airport, a two hour check-in before departure, a 12 hour flight to SFO, and a two-hour drive to Sacramento – we came home. It was a joy to see our children – especially since they are so grown up they could pick us up at the airport and drive us home.

We got home just before Christmas so we were able to do all the family traditions and activities. Lights on the house, tree trimming, food extravaganzas… the usual. I had a week to recover from the holidays before I returned to work on January 3.

As I walked into Fairytale Town, its magical charm took over as usual. The Castle, Shoe Slide, Crooked Mile, Sherwood Forest, Stages, and Gardens looked the same as they did before I left – minus the tree leaves. The animal menagerie was the same as well, only a bit fuller with their winter coats. 

The board of directors and staff were a bit leaner than when I left.  Two Board Members completed their maximum nine years of service, and our Staff is typically smaller during the slower winter months. Other than that, they too were the same as when I left. A little tired after a long and busy year (our highest attended year in recent history!), but still dedicated to our mission of promoting the imagination, creativity and education of children – and working hard to make sure we provide meaningful experiences for our community.

And that, I realized, is the magic of Fairytale Town. Brilliant, dedicated people working hard for a common goal: to provide children and families with opportunities to spend time together in imaginative play.

It is good to be back at a place I love and with people I admire and enjoy working with. I am grateful to be part of the magic of Fairytale Town!