Multi-Generational Play

Last Sunday was National Grandparent’s Day.  The purpose of the day is to celebrate all that grandparents bring to our culture, their families and, perhaps most importantly, to their grandchildren.

Grandparents have a special place in the heart of their grandchildren. Not only do they have a common enemy (those pesky parents!), they have that special bond of unconditional love. Grandparents bring more to the relationship than love. Being two generations removed from the child, grandparents connect grandchildren with the past and family history.  These connections are important to children as they help build perspective, compassion and identity.  Of course, grandchildren are important to grandparents as well, helping them see the world from a new point of view and reciprocating their unconditional love.

On Grandparent’s Day, grandparents received free admission at Fairytale Town so they could come out and play with their grandchildren.  Many used the excuse to bring three generations of family members here to play. Children were able to make special posters or pins for their grandparents. It was delightful to see how excited the kids were to make the crafts and present them to their special person.  I am pretty sure that their efforts will be hung on refrigerators and saved in jewelry boxes for many months.  And it was fun to see the different generations playing in the park.  I’m certain each generation created playful memories that will last a lifetime.