Get Outside and Play Month

In honor of get outside month, below are few things to do inside and outside of Fairytale Town.

Five Things to Do Inside Fairytale Town

1. See how long it takes you to walk the Crooked Mile.
2. Climb through Sherwood Forest, and balance on the jousting beam.
3. Find a feather.
4. Do ten nimble jumping jacks by Jack’s Candlesticks.
5. Skip across the Mother Goose Stage.

One of these yellow bricks has only an "A" on it!

Five Things to Do Outside Fairytale Town in Land Park

1. Find a brick with only the letter A on the Yellow Brick Road. (Hint: It’s near the beginning.)
2. Stroll through the WPA Rock Garden.
3. Count how many different birds you see at the pond.
4. Run across the soccer field.
5. Sing a song on the amphitheater stage.

It doesn’t matter what you decide to do, just get outside and play!