Big Day of Giving 2021

Support learning, growth, and play on the Big Day of Giving, May 6, 2021!

Support learning, growth, and play on Big Day 2021!

Memories are magic. That’s why Fairytale Town is magic—because we are made of your memories!

If your family has laughed and learned at Fairytale Town, now is your time to make that wonderful experience possible for everyone through Big Day of Giving 2021.

More than 250,000 children and their families enjoy Fairytale Town each year. Kids gain invaluable skills in imagination, creativity, and early literacy while playing in the park.

It’s a very special day when our region lights up with opportunities to support the nonprofit(s) you love and support. As a standalone community nonprofit, Fairytale Town relies greatly on the generosity of individual donors. By giving on May 6, scheduling a gift April 22, or participating in our upcoming social media activities, you will help Fairytale Town with additional opportunities to win cash prizes which amplifies the impact of your donation!

Right now, your support is more important than ever! Fairytale Town is coping with severe budget impacts from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Please brighten the lives of children by donating to Fairytale Town on Big Day of Giving 2021. It’s the place where happy kids have made countless memories, gained early literacy skills, learned through play, and gained vital self-confidence. Let future families have the same opportunities!

Gifts of all size are welcomed gratefully! Your giving will impact the lives of countless children.

We think this place is pretty special and we hope you feel the same. Let’s keep the magic alive and thriving! Join us on May 6 to make a gift and tell the world what Fairytale Town means to you.

Thank you!

It’s easy! Check out our donation page: today!

Early Giving begins April 22!