Peter Rabbit and His Sisters

Having successfully evaded Mr. McGregor, Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail live in splendor at Fairytale Town. Beatrix Potter’s beloved tale of a misbehaving boy rabbit and his good little sisters has a permanent home next to the Children’s Theater.

New Home for Peter Rabbit and His Sisters

Thanks to the support of a generous donor, we were able to completely transform and improve the home of Peter Rabbit and his sisters. Two changes immediately stand out: a new fence and larger home. We were able to move from a double fence with a high profile to a single fence that is three-feet shorter, making it easier for guests to see the rabbits at play. The new home is three-times larger and includes several improved features such as a new air conditioning system, plenty of windows, and a suspended flooring system. The Tudor-style home and picket fence were inspired by the original drawings from Beatrix Potter’s classic tales. The enclosure also features a miniature Mr. McGregor’s Garden, where Animal Keepers can grow vegetables for the rabbits to enjoy. Our heartfelt thanks go to the Griffiths Family for making the rabbits’ home a reality. Thanks also go to Berry Lumber for their generous donation of redwood.