Looking to the Future

Millions of children have grown up at Fairytale Town during our nearly 60-year history. Now, Fairytale Town is getting ready to grow! Fairytale Town has already expanded by one half-acre, paved new smooth pathways, added new lampposts, and an additional large turnstile exit located near Farmer Brown’s Barn. On its 60th birthday, Fairytale Town launched the Timeless Tales capital campaign to support the first phase of the park’s expansion plan.

Features of the first phase includes:

  • a new Admissions Building to streamline processes and improve accessibility;
  • a Story Center that will be a flexible space allowing for all-weather programming and more hands-on interaction;
  • and an outdoor classroom next to the Story Center will provide a more focused venue for Fairytale Town to welcome school field trips and offer workshops.

Subsequent phases of the expansion will include up to five new playsets, updated amenities, and more. The future of Fairytale Town looks brighter and more magical than ever!

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