Access to Culture – Part 2

Train Station Sign

Public transportation makes it possible to get to all of the cultural activities London offers. It runs pretty much 24/7 – with the occasional strike and shut down of course.

I was able to get everywhere I needed to go on public transportation. Museums, playgrounds, markets, movies, theatres, restaurants, lectures, concerts, cathedrals… you name it, I could get there by bus or tube (the London underground).

Public transportation is good for other reasons.

It’s great for physical activity. Yes, even though you’re riding somewhere, you have to walk to get to the bus stop or tube station, perhaps not far, but farther than the driveway or parking lot. (I am happy to say I lost 10 pounds from this alone. I am sad to say my sedentary ways are now taking their toll.)

Buggy Parking

In my humble opinion, in addition to creating a more mobile environment, it also creates a more literate community. When you have to sit (or stand) for at least an hour a day people use that time to read. In fact, newspapers are handed out to people during the morning and evening rush hours. It is amazing to see people holding a book, magazine or newspaper in one hand – and turning the pages – as they hold on to handrails with the other.

Finally, public transportation is good for families. It allows older children to get places without having to be carted about by their parents. This gives much more freedom to both the child and the parent. And, of course, you don’t have to worry so much about drivers under the influence…

Taxi at Discovery Children’s Story Centre

It cost me about $40 a week for a public transportation pass to get pretty much anywhere I wanted to go. I spend at least that much a week on my car if I include gas, maintenance and insurance.

In addition to getting around in the city, I could take public transportation to other cities and countries pretty easily and cheaply also. I was able to get to Halifax, Leeds, Oxford, Staffordshire, Great Missendon, Portsmouth and South Hampton in England, as well as Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia and France.

Train Station

The ability for people from all walks of life to get pretty much anywhere they want to go with out driving is an amazing thing.  In my mind, public transportation is what makes a world class city.