Mary’s Little Lambs

Two beautiful Southdown sheep live in the schoolhouse where Mary brought her lamb one day. At this set, children learn that sheep provide us with lanolin and wool by examining their fluffy white and black wool. The oily coating you feel when you pet sheep is lanolin, a moisturizing oil often used in hand lotions and soaps. Our sheep are sheared once a year at the annual Sheep Shearing Day event, and their thick wool is cleaned and spun into yarn on an old fashioned spinning wheel right before your eyes!

Welcome New Lambs and Mama Sheep!

Pepper (Ram – black wool) born March 6, 2018
Mom: Amy

Salt (Ewe – white wool) born March 10, 2018
Mom: Louise

We’re excited to welcome two new Mary’s Little Lambs! For the next 10 weeks, the lambs’ mamas will live at Fairytale Town so they can nurse and care for the lambs. Once the lambs are weened off milk, the mamas will return home to their farm in Plymouth. This is a special opportunity for guests to see how mama sheep care for their lambs!

Good Luck on Your Retirement, Mary’s Little Lambs!

Reading and Writing (also known as Lucy and Ethel), Fairytale Town’s longtime Mary’s Little Lambs, recently retired! After nine years in our storybook park, they moved to a three-acre farm in Roseville, where they have plenty of pasture and new sheep friends. Please help us send our best wishes as they move on to this new chapter in their lives! Their last day in the park was Friday, March 16.