The Work of Blogs


Photo by Dina Heidrich

I don’t know how, but time seems to slip through my fingertips these days.  When I began this blog in 2011, I was away from my ‘normal’ life and was experiencing so many new things it was easy to post on a regular basis. Now that I am back to ‘normal’ – and in the thick of our busy season – blog posts are not part of my ‘normal’ routine!  This doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy with the work of play. Quite the contrary!  Below are a few of the things we’ve been working on.

FunCamps: These weeklong day camps involve a lot of moving parts. Lesson plans are developed, special training is provided for camp staff, supplies are purchased, registrations processed and teachers are contracted for each of our 17 camps. Teachers and aides are exhausted by the end of the day – but they love getting to know the camp kids – and having the chance to play!

SG Studios WeldFrame

Welding the Train Frame


A New Play Set – The Little Engine That Could:  Set design, permitting, scheduling and fundraising for the new train set began late last year and continued into this year. We are scheduled to install the new set in late July!


Photo by Dina Heidrich


Mad Hatter Meets Mad Men:  This new fundraising event was wonderfully creative and playful. Held in May, it was months in the planning and involved 29 volunteers, 19 sponsors, 12 food purveyors, 13 wineries, 42 raffle/auction donors and about 250 guests. Nearly all who attended wore mad Hats – many made them by hand! And, of course, all proceeds support everyday play at Fairytale Town.

More to come on these and other projects as I get back into the swing of blogging!