Fund Our Friendly Fowl on the Big Day of Giving

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Fairytale Town, of course!

Fairytale Town is home to 28 rare or miniature breed animals—including the Little Red Hen and friends. Our chicken exhibit next to Farmer Brown’s Barn shelters our five feathered friends, where they roost and lay eggs. Weather and time have deteriorated the coop and it needs to be replaced.

Young children are fascinated by animals, so it is no surprise that our animal exhibits and activities are popular attractions. Our barnyard brood is often a child’s first introduction to the world of animals. The proposed new coop would offer better viewing of the habits and life cycle of chickens—and help children learn the importance of animals in our daily lives.

Fairytale Town is once again participating in the Big Day of Giving!

The Big Day of Giving is the the Sacramento Region’s 24-hour online giving challenge on Thursday, May 4. Donations we receive from the day will go to rebuild the chicken coop. The project costs $12,000. If we exceed our goal, the additional money will go towards rebuilding the home of Peter Rabbit and his sisters.

It is easy to participate in the Big Day of Giving. On May 4, simply visit and select the nonprofit(s) you want to support.

You can schedule your gift now at!

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As the story goes, the Little Red Hen asks for help from her barnyard friends. We hope you will help by donating to Fairytale Town and the nonprofit(s) you care about on May 4 and make a difference in our community. Thanks to support from our friends and donors, we can enhance our exhibits and education programs for children and families in our region.

Join us at the park for a day of fun, games, and prizes on May 4 to celebrate Big Day of Giving! Learn more