ScholarShare Children’s Book Festival


Saturday, September 24, 2016 - Sunday, September 25, 2016 at Fairytale Town

10 AM – 4 PM
Free Admission

Join Fairytale Town for the 16th annual ScholarShare Children’s Book Festival, the largest early childhood literacy event in the Sacramento region! Enjoy back-to-back readings and presentations from authors and illustrators on the Mother Goose Stage, then shop at our official bookseller, Time Tested Books booth, to purchase your favorite story. Authors and illustrators will be available to sign books immediately following their presentations.

Barbara Jean Hicks, author of Frozen: A Sister More Like Me and Once Upon a Parsnip, will headline the two-day Festival.

The festival also features storytelling performances, hands-on literacy activities, a Scholastic book fair and more! Plus literacy and arts organizations will be on hand to provide information about early childhood literacy programs offered in the region.

Admission to this two-day festival is Free thanks to the generous support of ScholarShare College Savings Plan.

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Featured Authors & Illustrators

Barbara Jean Hicks
Presenting: Frozen: A Sister More Like Me & Once Upon a Parsnip
Time: Sat 11:30 AM, 3 PM & Sun 12 PM, 3 PM
In Frozen: A Sister More Like Me, Princess sisters Anna and Elsa of Arendelle couldn’t be more different. The only thing they agree on is that each would be a lot happier if her sister were more like her. Or would she? This tale is a spirited look at sibling relationships, told in alternating voices.

In Once Upon a Parsnip, join Little Red and Old Bully Wolf on a madcap shopping spree through the marvelous Fairytale Market! Little Red is simply looking for parsnips for Granny Hood’s lunch, but Mr. Wolf is determined to snare the stew-worthy trio of famous pigs who run the store―and getting back at Little Red wouldn’t be bad, either.


Allison Branscombe
Presenting: All About China: Stories, Songs, Crafts and More for Kids
Time: Sun 10:30 AM
Tour China’s extraordinary culture, including its people, holidays, folk tales, inventions, traditions and famous places, in this award-wining, kid-friendly encyclopedia.  Learn how to feng shui your bedroom; use chopsticks; make delicious chicken and noodle dishes, a Chinese lantern, and more!


Lynda Bulla
Presenting: Under the Yellow Leaf
Time: Sat 10:30 AM
How many things are hiding in amazing places? Find the worms, crickets, bunnies and snakes that live around us. The book goes from underground to the sky to view the unseen creatures, and then tucks the reader safely into bed.


Madeleine Dunphy
Presenting: Cat in the Night
Sat 12:30 PM
Experience the world through a cat’s eyes, ears, nose, whiskers and feet as he travels the neighborhood meeting up with other animals of the night. Have you ever wondered what your cat does at night? Read Cat in the Night and find out!


Kelsie Lynn Estep
Presenting: A Stones Throw
Time: Sun 1 PM
Once there was a little girl who liked to throw stones into a pond. Little did she know, that one day she would find twelve stones, each with a fairy inside waiting to be born. This is their beginning!


Ronald Javor
Presenting: Homer Finds a Home
Time: Sun 11:30 AM
In verse with imaginative pictures, Homer, his stuffed friend Ziggy, and his family become homeless. Their adventure, with a full range of emotions, includes camping in a park, meeting new friends, overcoming hardship and finding a new home.


Sami Kader
Presenting: Sami vs. the Negative Voice
Time: Sat 1:30 PM & Sun 12:30 PM
Sami, a young boy, struggles to fit in at school, but an embarrassing incident on the playground creates “The Negative Voice,” a monster who convinces Sami that he’ll never be accepted…until a family friend steps in and helps Sami turn everything around.


Jennifer Kuhns
Presenting: Paisley or Plaid…Being Your Very Best You!
Time: Sun 11 AM
Paisley or Plaid is a collection of seven stories and five poems for children visiting the topics of respect, manners, acceptance, sharing, bullying, dedication, trust and family.


Kris Aro McLeod
Presenting: Catch a Kiss
Time: Sat 11 AM
Izzie just loves when her mama blows her kisses to catch. Smooch kisses, zigzag kisses, and even triple-decker kisses! When Izzie misses one, Mama lets Izzie in on a sweet secret:  Mama-kisses always come find you, no matter what!


Akshaj Mehta
Presenting: Super Mouse
Time: Sat 2:30 PM & Sun 2 PM
In Super Mouse by 10-year-old author Akshaj Mehta, a mouse with super powers goes on a daring adventure to save Mousecity from Cheese Monster.


Lori Mortensen
Presenting: Cowpoke Clyde
Time: Sat 1 PM
Cowpoke Clyde is plumb confused. An ad in his favorite catalog says he oughta buy a bike. But ridin’ a bike isn’t like ridin’ a horse. With its rip-roaring rhyming text and turn-the-page revelations, this book is pure read-aloud fun.


Karen Sanders and Hannah Howerton
Presenting: The Little Lemon that Leapt
Time: Sat 2 PM & Sun 2:30 PM
Lionel is a sassy little lemon who leaps from his tree to see the world. On his journey, he meets a quirky cast of characters who are anything but ordinary. Join Lionel as he discovers that weird is wonderful!

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