Our workshops support a variety of lessons in physical and life Sciences including nutrition, conservation, gardening and animal husbandry. You must pre-register for workshops. Workshops can accommodate 25 students per workshop session, with up to 50 students per hour. These 20-minute workshops have an additional $1 per person (students & adults) fee.


March – October:  Tuesday – Friday, between 9:30AM to 2PM
November – February: Thursday – Friday, between 10:30AM to 2PM

All workshops are scheduled upon availability; availability for workshops can vary throughout the year.

Barnyard Buddies

Students are introduced to Fairytale Town’s friendly flock of farm animals, most of which are rare or miniature breeds. Learn about life on a farm, why the animals at Fairytale Town are considered rare, what they like to eat and what products come from these animals. There is an additional $1 per person (students & adults) fee for this workshop.

My Magic Plate

This workshop teaches students basic nutritional facts in a fun and fast-paced game show format. Students will be introduced to the USDA guidelines for good nutrition using the newly revised and simplified icons developed for Magnetized props and color-coded game pieces are used to inspire healthy eating habits and illustrate optimum grocery shopping choices. Games include Rain Bowling, in which students must mix & match foods with the corresponding colors of the my plate icon, and Pantry Plunders, in which real grocery items are evaluated or eliminated for their dietary worth. There is an additional $1 per person (students & adults) fee for this workshop.

Garden in a Glove

Students create mini-greenhouses while learning how seeds germinate and what they need to grow. Students work together to create a “Garden in a Glove” to take back to the classroom for observation and care. There is an additional $1 per person (students & adults) fee for this workshop.


Annual Puppet Festival

The Annual Puppet Festival helps introduce students to the magic of live theater in a child-friendly environment. There is an additional $1 per person (students & adults) fee for the festival performance. All shows are performed by Puppet Art Theater Company. Please see the Puppet Festival schedule below for dates & show times.

2016 Puppet Festival Schedule
Thursdays & Fridays in May
10:30 & 11:30 AM

May 5-6: Hansel and Gretel
May 12-13: Tommy’s Space Adventure
May 19-20: Little Red Riding Hood
May 26-27: Tommy’s Train Troubles

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