Summer Camp

Fairytale Town Summer FunCamps

Fairytale Town offers 16 exciting and educational weeklong summer camps for children! Morning sessions from 9 AM to 12 PM are offered for children ages 4 – 6 and ages 7 – 9. Each camp is designed for a specific age group and features a unique theme, including visual art, animals, gardening, puppetry, literature, theatre arts and more. We encourage you to find a camp designed for your child’s age. Unfortunately we are unable to make exceptions regarding age groups.

An Afternoon Adventures session from 12 to 4 PM can be added to a morning session to create a full-day camp experience. Afternoon Adventures are offered for ages 4 – 9 and feature a supervised lunch and recess time followed by more curriculum-based, open-ended activities, dramatic play, story time and more.

An Early Drop-Off option has been added this year for parents or guardians needing to drop off their child before the 9 AM camp start time. A new one-day camp for children with special needs has also been added this year.

Please note: Children must be preregistered for FunCamps in order to attend; registrations are not available the first day of camp. All Fairytale Town FunCamp registrations are taken online only.

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FunCamp Fees

Morning Session Only: $145 per child per weeklong session
Morning Session & Afternoon Adventures: $340 per child per weeklong session
Early Drop-Off: $45 per child per weeklong session
Member discounts are available. See a chart of member prices for 2017 FunCamps.

2017 FunCamp Schedule

Morning Sessions for Ages 4 – 6

Little Ranchers: June 19-23
9 AM – 12 PM
Get a taste of ranch life and help with the daily regimens that keep our friendly flock of farm animals fit and healthy. Campers will have plenty of hands-on contact with our fuzzy, furry barnyard buddies, learn historical information and participate in related hands-on activities. Please note: Campers will have direct contact with Fairytale Town animals and animal feed. Some children may be allergic to the natural oils found in animal fur/hair and feed.
Instructed by: Lydia Outland

Storybook Stage: June 26-30
9 AM – 12 PM
Every story needs someone to tell it! Campers will help bring beloved nursery rhymes and fairytales to life and create new stories of their own, complete with props and sets. Our storytellers will experience the magic of theater, develop performance skills, and practice stage basics through hands-on games, activities, and crafts.
Instructed by: Kaitlin Lee

Camp Kaleidoscope: July 10-14
9 AM – 12 PM
This camp introduces art and basic color concepts to beginning artists. Campers participate in a wonderful week of art projects featuring drawing, cutting, pasting and painting in a relaxed and colorful environment. Topics explored include primary and secondary colors, drawing, color mixing and patterns.
Instructed by: Topaz Bess

Gardens Galore: July 17-21
9 AM – 12 PM
Fairytale Town offers plenty of green thumb fun in this gardening camp. This FunCamp covers the essentials of home gardening with an accent on environmentally “green” practices. Campers will also receive an up-close perspective on Fairytale Town’s own unique gardens and plants.
Instructed by: Evanne Harrison

Music Makers: July 24-28
9 AM – 12 PM
Kazoos, maracas and cereal box guitars! Campers will explore music and get to meet some professional musicians for a summer sing-along to remember. Basic music principles and a bit of music history will be covered along with music related arts & crafts. At the end of the week parents and loved ones are invited to a concert put on by the campers. No previous musical experience required.
Instructed by: Katlin Lee

Storybook Science: July 31- August 4
9 AM – 12 PM
Discover the science behind our favorite stories! Gravity had a lot to do with Humpty Dumpty’s great fall. Was Merlin the Magician really magical? Or maybe he was a scientist? One of the 3 Little Pigs knew that a brick house would withstand all that huffing and puffing. Campers will dive into stories and conduct their own hands-on experiments to test the science behind their favorite stories.
Instructed by: Katlin Lee

Art in Nature: August 7-11
9 AM – 12 PM
Join us for a week full of art projects inspired by Mother Nature! Campers will explore nature in an artsy week of fun to create masterpieces with flora and fauna. Artists will be drawing, cutting, pasting and painting while using the outdoors as tools and inspiration. Parents and guardians are invited to the “Outdoor Art” reception on Friday where campers will showcase their nature art pieces.
Instructed by: Sammi Hawes

Dino Detectives: August 14-18
9 AM – 12 PM
If you love everything about dinosaurs, then this is the camp for you! Discover how paleontologists learn about these ancient reptiles by investigating real fossils and replicas. Campers will excavate fossils, make their own fossil cast and dig in to what it takes to recover ancient dinosaur fossils. Meet real living Fairytale Town animals and explore the unique characteristics that help them survive and link them to the dinosaurs of the past. Please note: Campers will have direct contact with Fairytale Town animals and animal feed. Some children may be allergic to the natural oils found in animal fur/hair and feed.
Instructed by: Evanne Harrison


Morning Sessions for Ages 7 – 9

Drama-Rama: June 19-23
9 AM – 12 PM
Fairytale Town presents a Theatre Arts FunCamp that emphasizes creative playmaking onstage and off. Drama-Rama! Includes all aspects of theatre, from acting and script-writing to costume design and set/prop construction. Campers will write, design, produce and perform short plays and skits in this fast-paced, fun-filled week.
Instructed by: Kaitlin Lee

Farm-to-Fork Fun: June 26-30
9 AM – 12 PM
Sacramento is America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital! From poultry to produce, campers will discover where their food comes from in this fun week following food from farm to fork. Campers will plant, tend, harvest and cook food straight from the Fairytale Town garden and learn about eating healthy and local food through a variety of cooking techniques. Please note: Campers will have direct contact with Fairytale Town animals and animal feed. Campers will also be working with a variety of foods. Please ensure to list any food allergies during registration.
Instructed by: Evanne Harrison

Culture Craft Club: July 10-14
9 AM – 12 PM
Take a world tour of multicultural crafts! Campers will discover the Indonesian art of batik, the Arabic knot tying craft macramé, Peruvian friendship bracelets and more. Campers will dive into some of the world’s oldest arts and crafts forms and learn the stories behind them. This camp is hands-on, messy, artistic, educational and fun!
Instructed by: Kaitlin Lee

Map Quest: July 17-21
9 AM – 12 PM
At the heart of every child is an adventurer! Campers will discover the adventure that awaits them as they blaze trails through Fairytale Town and William Land Park on the hunt for treasure and fun. Campers will not only learn to orient a map, use a compass and follow a trail, but they will become cartographers and make their own maps, hide treasure and challenge others to find it. Please Note: This FunCamp will take supervised adventures outside the Fairytale Town gates in William Land Park.
Instructed by: Sarah Thomas

Buggin’ Out: July 24-28
9 AM – 12 PM
In Buggin’ Out, campers will be introduced to the lesser known arthropods that call Fairytale Town home. Children will get up close and personal with plenty of creepy crawlers including tarantulas, bees, cockroaches, termites, lady bugs, earthworms and more! Campers will take daily surveys of the park to find and observe bugs in their natural environment and learn basic concepts including life cycles, entomology, pollination and decomposition. Please Note: Campers will have direct contact with Fairytale Town’s arthropods; some children may be allergic to tarantula hair, bees and/or other bugs.
Instructed by: Evanne Harrison

Food, Fun & Fairytales: July 31-August 4
9 AM – 12 PM
Fairytales have common themes of magical creatures, heroes, villains…and food! Campers will become Magical Chefs as they taste their way through different stories. Learn about “Curds and Whey,” discover why Goldilocks ate so much porridge, recreate the gingerbread house from Hansel & Gretel and more in this tasty week of Food, Fun and Fairytales. Please Note: Campers will be working with a variety of foods. Please ensure to list any food allergies during registration.
Instructed by: Sammi Hawes

Imagination Engineers: August 7-11
9AM – 12PM
Creative thinking skills abound in this FunCamp designed to let kid’s imaginations run wild. Campers will take part in a collaborative week of building with different recycled materials. An igloo made of milk jugs? A tower made of cardboard tubes? Pool-noodle playhouse? Who knows what the campers will come up with, but it will certainly be fun! Discover the magic that happens when you mix imagination, cardboard, recycled materials and duct tape.
Instructed by: Kaitlin Lee

Comic Connections: August 14 – 18
9 AM – 12 PM
The perfect FunCamp for budding artists who want to draw, draw and draw some more! Campers will learn how to create characters, write dialogue and develop a basic storyline. Exciting hand-on activities and fun drawing games will build upon the children’s prior knowledge and skills to show them how fun art can be! Campers will have the option to create their own comic book or a freestanding art piece to display in a “Comic Book Convention” at the end of the week.
Instructed by: John Lee


Afternoon Adventures for Ages 4 – 9

June 19 – August 18 (no camp the week of July 4th)
12 – 4 PM
Ages 4-9
Keep the fun going all day long by enrolling in Afternoon Adventures! After the morning session, students will enjoy a supervised lunch and recess time followed by more hands-on activities, dramatic play, story time and more! The open-ended activities ignite imagination and creative thinking. Curriculum-based activities and themes vary each week, so campers can enroll in multiple weeks. Please note: Campers need to bring their own lunches or pre-purchase meal-deals from the Dish & Spoon Café. Also note that Afternoon Adventures will have children ages 4-9 years old together. Camper must be enrolled in a Morning Session to enroll in Afternoon Adventures.
Instructed by: Kaitlin Lee

June 19-23: Happy Campers
June 26-30: Hey USA!
No Camp the Week of July 4th
July 10-14: Medieval Madness: A Week in King Arthur’s Court
July 17-21: Around the World in 5 Days
July 24-28 6: Undersea Safari
July 31-Aug. 4: Winter Wonderland
August 7-11: Space Station Vacation
August 14-18: Superhero Celebration


New: Early Drop-Off

June 19 – August 18
8 – 9 AM
Ages 4-9
Need to drop-off your child before 9 AM to get to work on time? An early drop off time is available this year! Add the Early Drop-Off option to your FunCamp order, and you can drop off your children anytime between 8 and 9 AM. During the Early Drop-Off hour, children will enjoy free playtime and open-ended activities until the morning session begins.


New: Animal Adventure for Children with Special Needs

Animal Adventure: Sunday, June 4
10 AM – 12 PM
In this one-day camp, Fairytale Town brings together children with special needs, their parent or caregiver, and our friendly flock of farm animals! For children with special needs, engaging with animals can reduce anxiety, build social skills and elevate mood. Participants will learn about life on a farm, why the animals at Fairytale Town are considered rare, what they like to eat and what products come from these animals. This camp is designed for varying levels of engagement. Please note: Campers will have direct contact with Fairytale Town animals and animal feed. Some children may be allergic to the natural oils found in animal fur/hair and feed.
Instructed by: Lydia Outland, Evanne Harrison and Jim Hernandez
Cost: $45 for one child and one parent or caregiver (member discounts available). Registration is limited to 10 children and 10 parents or caregivers.


For More Information About FunCamps, Please Contact:
(916) 808-8884