Classroom Visits

Animal Classroom Visits


Offered September – June
$200 per classroom visit
Approx. 45 Minutes

Farmer Brown will bring some of Fairytale Town’s farm animals to your classroom! Children will learn the importance of farm animals, life sciences and California’s rich agricultural history. Animals that can visit your classroom include: bees, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, rabbits, chickens, chicks, parrots and developing eggs. The following workshops can be customized and adapted to meet your classroom needs:

Barn in the Classroom (Pre-K – 5th Grade)

One of Farmer Brown’s barn animals visits your classroom! During this workshop, Farmer Brown provides a brief overview of farm animals, their history, the products they provide and their importance to society. This workshop will also include storytelling or an arts and crafts activity based on the grade level.

Pollinators and Decomposers (Pre-K – 5th Grade)

Bees, Cockroaches, and Tarantulas—oh my! This workshop introduces students to the importance of insects in our society. Farmer Brown will describe in depth the roles of pollinating bees, cockroaches and arthropods. Cool facts about insects plus an arts and crafts activity or storytelling make this workshop bug-riffic!

Theater Workshop Classroom Visits

Offered September – June
$200 per classroom visit
1 Hour

Fairytale Town’s Education and Theatre Arts Specialist, John Lee, comes to your classroom to give your students a fast, fun and high-energy introduction to live theatre and the works of William Shakespeare. Tailored to suit individual classroom needs, each workshop includes an energetic lecture on the history of Shakespeare’s stage, life and times, drawing on lessons from his popular works including: As You Like It, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet and more. The following workshops can be customized and adapted to meet your classroom needs:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Fairies & Fools! (6th – 12th Grade)

Explore how not to put on a play as your students take on the roles of Shakespeare’s classic clowns. This includes a lively introduction to Bottom, the Mechanicals and their misguided theatrics, sabotaged by Puck and his mischievous magic. The workshop culminates in an unintentionally hysterical performance of Pyramus & Thisbe.

Hamlet/Stage Combat Workshop (9th – 12th Grade)

Pre-selected students will be guided, as a director leads actors, through the physical blocking of the final scene of Hamlet, including stage combat. This is a big, loud, ranging, high-energy workshop that requires a large bare stage or open area, preferably indoors.

Romeo & Juliet (6th – 12th Grade)

The famous balcony scene will be unlocked and translated line by line in this workshop. Variations of this workshop will explore the five scenes that Romeo and Juliet appear in together, including the dance, balcony, marriage, morning and tomb scenes.

Please Note: Classroom visits are only available within a 25 mile radius of Fairytale Town and are scheduled upon availability.

For more information, or To make a reservation for a classroom visit, please contact:
(916) 808-8884