Farmer Brown’s Barn

Visit our new Cow that Jumped Over the Moon and Eeyore, a miniature Sicilian donkey. Complete with a two-story spiral slide and a farm display, the Barn area is also home to Charlotte, a goliath bird-eating tarantula, the three blind mice and during Spring, a family of freshly hatched chicks.


Eeyore is the melancholy character from A.A. Milne’s classic tales about Winnie the Pooh. Our Eeyore is a miniature Sicilian donkey who often surprises guests with his loud braying. Eeyore often comes out of his pen for up-close animal introductions.

Maddie, the Cow that Jumped Over the Moon, is a miniature Scottish Highland calf. This breed is unique for their small size, two coats of long wavy hair and gentle nature. She resides in Farmer Brown’s Barn next door to Eeyore the donkey.


This building is home to a family of chickens hatched in Farmer Brown’s Barn. Incubating eggs are hatched throughout the year at Fairytale Town. The eggs are from our own family of Fairytale Town chickens, which are a variety of breeds. If you listen carefully, sometimes you can hear the Fairytale Town Rooster, crowing a big hello to children playing in the park. The chickens you see with him are a variety of breeds. There are over 200 breeds of chickens divided into 3 groups: meat, eggs and ornamental. Right now we have a White Leghorn, Mottled Java, a Silkie and others. See how many you can identify at Fairytale Town on your next visit!


In October 2014, the exhibit spaces in Farmer Brown’s Barn were revamped and expanded to include an observation beehive, beekeeping tool display, and a wall of amazing arachnids.